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Here it is, our recap of the weddings, engagement sessions, and family sessions we had the privilege of capturing during the course of 2019. Each time we get behind our cameras we’re reminded of how amazing it is that we’re the people who are trusted to be the witnesses and documenters of these slices of others’ lives. We’re completely serious, it is such an honor.

Wisconsin backyard wedding with Anja and Charles, Lovely Ember Photography
Ryan and Jessica, wedding at Cold Water Canyon, Dells Boat Ride to Witches Gulch, Wisconsin Lovely Ember Photography
Caitlin & Jason married in Milwaukee, Bacchus Wedding, Wisconsin Lovely Ember Photography

So thank you, to those of you who hired us to document snippets of your life in 2019. And thank you to all of you before that as well. Here’s a (large) handful of the moments we captured last year.
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Bridesmaids getting ready
Cat themed wedding
Helping bride get into dress
Zipping up dress
bride in sunglasses

A Wisconsin state Park, vintage linens, plastic flamingos, adorable kitschy decor, and cats galore. Everything about Abigail and Travis’s wedding at Kohler-Andrae State Park was perfectly them. They had a pizza truck cater the meal, a cardboard cutout of Harvey, their cat who was deemed “Cat of Honor”, the sweetest group of friends and family surrounding them, and just enough of a cool breeze coming off of Lake Michigan to keep us cool and keep the mosquitoes at bay. I can’t think of a single thing that could’ve been better about their day, and Eric and I are so thankful we were the ones to celebrate and capture their day for them.
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At home family session Viroqua Wisconsin by Lovely Ember Photography

Oh, how we love this family. The Silers are the sort who welcome you into their home and you feel as if you’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like. I think at least half of our visits to their home in Viroqua ended up with us staying at least one extra night, as the late-night conversations and delicious food and beverages were just too good to say goodbye to. Last summer we took a trip to their home to spend the night and do a family session for them in the morning. There’s never a dull moment in their home and getting the chance to capture just a tiny peek into what their lives at that point in time felt like such an honor. Kelly told me after looking at the photos it was like “watching a wild animal show”, but what I see is a home that is filled with joy and love, with parents that allow their children to be creative and have fun in their home. We always look forward to the next time we get the chance to visit these friends.
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John and Madeleine braved the cold (even without jackets for a while- Eric and I thought they were nuts. Our teeth were chattering while our coats were on!) with us in early winter to roam around Madison and let us photograph the two of them in some of their favorite places around town. Having photographed John’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, and after getting to know these two, (hooray for a fellow board game lover couple!) we can’t wait for these goofball’s wedding this summer at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center. It’s going to be great.

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What a joy it is to be able to document one of the most important days of a couple’s lives and then be invited back a few years later to document them as parents. Kelyn and Andrew got married back in 2014 and had an absolutely beautiful backyard wedding filled with sunshine and joy. (why is there no blog post to prove it you ask? I’m asking myself the same thing. Turns out I’m really bad at blogging..) Thier son, Elliot is just a few months younger than our daughter, so this session was especially fun for me to document. I’m pretty sure I mentioned during their session that my face actually hurt from all the smiling I was doing! Seeing Kelyn and Andrew’s love for their son was so so sweet, and so many of things they did reminded me of how our own family has changed now that we’re a family of three. Being a parent is the best thing that has happened to Eric and I, and after spending time documenting a typical morning for these three, it was clear that Kelyn and Andrew feel the same way.

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Wedding at Camp Lakotah Wisconsin

As often happens, I’m struggling to find the right words to describe how much we adored being a part of this wedding. Amanda and Rajeev got married at the beautiful Camp Lakotah and had a jam-packed day full of awesomeness. Their day was one of the busiest wedding days that we’ve been a part of, as they had two ceremonies just an hour apart from each other, but it was a pretty much perfect day (okay, we could have done with a little less heat & mosquitoes- but really no one can expect much else from a Wisconsin summer) and we loved every minute of it. The best thing about their day though? The two of them.

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baby's first birthday

Today our little girl turned one. A year ago today seems like it was only yesterday but at the same time a lifetime ago, I swear the passing of time changes when you become a parent. She brings so much joy into our lives, it’s incredible. Words can’t describe how amazing it is to see her grow, learn, and become her own little person. She’s silly, independent, a total bookworm, a music lover, a snuggler, and all around the best person we could possibly imagine. I knew a year ago that she was going to change our lives and that we would love it, but I don’t think there’s any way we could imagine just how much that would be.
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