Weddings & Engagement

It's your big day, It's time to get pumped.

Wedding parties dread having their pictures taken at weddings, and with good reason. An hour on end standing still and forcing a smile while every possible combination of extended relatives descend upon you is bad enough when you’re not in uncomfortable shoes. It’s the little things on your big day that will probably stick in your memory. The fact that your bridesmaids bust out in a dance 5 minutes before the ceremony to keep you from crying, the heartfelt conversation your father has with you moments before walking down the aisle, or your great Aunt Gretta losing her dentures as she tears it up during the twist. We aim to capture those moments that will help you remember your day the way it really was, a celebration of two families coming together. We take a journalist approach to your wedding, and strive to capture your story like a friend would, the best way we know.