Sometimes Wisconsin can be truly beautiful in the winter time.
Sometimes we decide to walk outside and take pictures.
Sometimes the cat gets out and we have to chase him around the house and then fish him out of the bushes.

Pretty Green Eyes -Lovely Ember PhotographyLayers and Scarf -Lovely Ember PhotographyLayers in Snow -Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Bridge -Lovely Ember PhotographySarah taking a photo -Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Creek Bed -Lovely Ember PhotographySnow Cave -Lovely Ember Photography
Snowy Trees -Lovely Ember PhotographySarah in the woods Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Sarah Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Bridge -Lovely Ember PhotographySnow on Hat -Lovely Ember PhotographySnow Trees -Lovely Ember PhotographyMan in Snow -Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Fence Lovely Ember PhotographyRed House Lovely Ember PhotographySnowy Lights Lovely Ember PhotographyEric and Basil -Lovely Ember Photography

Sometimes “trouble maker” doesn’t even begin to define this guy.

Snow on Hardwood Floor -Lovely Ember Photography