We were getting ready to go to sleep last Tuesday night when Eric noticed that it had been snowing for a few hours. Snow has been super scarce this winter, so we were pretty excited. The snow happened to have that perfect sticky texture that instantly turns everything into a wonderland, so we got our coats on and spent some time outside enjoying it. We decided in the morning we’d make sure to get up and go for a walk, and maybe even try brewing the siphon out on the porch, just for the fun of it. (that failed miserably, in case you’re wondering) We took a walk, and then came back to make a big brunch. Here’s the recipe to the buckwheat dutch baby we made. We just happened to have some butterscotch sauce, so instead of making’s Deb’s suggested salted caramel to go on top, we used the butterscotch which worked just as well- maybe even better.