white fence and flowers Portland

Oh Portland, how we’re missing your dreary but warm days compared to this Wisconsin winter that seems to be dragging on. Eric and I adored walking around the neighborhood our friends live in while we were visiting. We were astounded by all the green, coming from the white and brown midwest we were stopping practically every five feet to ooh and aah over the succulents growing out of walls and moss covering what seemed to be everything. There were flowers blooming, and adorably painted houses on every street. The gloomy skies didn’t stop us from loving our walks, exploring the neighborhoods on foot. Our friend Colin dubbed me the cat whisperer because of how many outdoor or stray cats ran right up to me to be petted, we’d see a couple every day we were out. We’re really looking forward to Wisconsin thawing out so we can enjoy some greenery here. Maybe by the end of the month.

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