In June, Eric & I decided for our anniversary we’d go to a cute little b&b, which happened to be pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for us, this middle of nowhere was on the way to the Black Hills in South Dakota. So after our weekend together, we were able to meet up with friends who had been planning their trip, and spend the week out in the Hills. We drove the night through to get there, all 5 of us jammed into a Jeep Wrangler. (which, btw, is not a very smooth ride- nor is it comfortable or roomy.) Let me say that pulling into the driveway of that cabin was such a happy moment- finally arriving at our destination to get some real sleep in a bed!

During the week we went exploring, horseback riding, thrifting, fed pet some wild animals, lounged around the cabin, cooked some huge mighty fine meals (chicken tikka one night- my favorite!), and in general had a much needed vacation. The drive back was pretty much awful due to the nature of a 15 hour drive through the night, compounded by a severe storm… but it was totally worth the trip.