Eric and I have now been in Tokyo for almost two weeks, and I’m so behind on keeping everyone updated. I originally drafted this post after day four, but I’m just now getting around to posting it, so forgive me. In those first four days, we had a few moments of sensory overload, and many moments of confusion, amazement and wonder.
This place is weird. We’ve barely seen anything so far, and that is the synonymous conclusion we have come to; it is a very strange place. There are vending machines, animated characters, and cats everywhere, not to mention far too many options for what to eat or drink. Thankfully, strange and weird are not bad things in our book. We’re looking forward to the next few weeks in this country exploring much much more.

IMG_9006IMG_9018IMG_9026IMG_9027IMG_9031IMG_9034IMG_9035IMG_9040IMG_9041IMG_9049IMG_9054IMG_9013IMG_9101IMG_9108IMG_9110vending machine options
hot coffee from a vending machine
IMG_9120IMG_9127IMG_9130IMG_9135IMG_9140IMG_9146Sarah in front of a colorful muralIMG_9151Bike impoundIMG_9155
Me me me coffee shop, Shinjuku, Japan
kitty face
Cat cart in Harajuku