We’ve been just a little busy. We’ve officially moved to a different home (same city), helped our friends a bit with their renovations & move, painted a whole lot, and are still surrounded by boxes. We’re getting closer to having things unpacked, but it’ll be a while until the house is organized in a manner that makes sense to us. In the midst of all this stuff I’ve had a couple projects to work on, so you can look forward to wedding photos, and a couple other things. In the meanwhile, here are some photos of our chaos.

Saying goodbye to that kitchen was definitely the saddest part of the move. I’ll surely miss that wonderful light.

We decided we wanted to paint most of the walls white and grey in some spots. Our furniture is too bright and random to compete with colorful walls. The one room not pictured is the bedroom, which went from deep red to white, courtesy of my wonderful parents.