Whenever Sarah and I travel, our time seems to be split up in to two different experiences. There is of course the part where we scramble around to all manner of coffee shop and eatery the city has to offer, taking in macchiatos and fresh crab and whatever libation piques our interest.  The second part is largely a response to the first. After days of plotting waypoints and dictating routes to an iPhone, we usually find ourselves needing to escape. After all, even the most enjoyable coffee in the most relaxing shop is still encompassed by the rumpus in the city around us.
So we drove. We got in a car and drove west until we hit the ocean.  We stopped in forests, explored tide pools, and took in the mountains that lined the coast.
In short, it was perfect. The equal and opposite reaction to the bustling city. The Oregon coast.

Ecola State Park beachEcola State Park shoreColin in grassCannon Beach Ecola State ParkEric and Sarah at Ecola State ParkSarah looking at the oceanEric viewing beach dipshores of Ecola State Parklooking up at Ecola State ParkColin gazing at oceanblack rocks at Ecola State ParkViewpoint at Ecola State Parkin Ecola State Parktreeline and beachkelp at Ecola State ParkEric at Ecola State Parkstumpsboys at Ecola State ParkEric & Sarahview Ecola State Parkrocks and rootColin workinghouses looking at Haystack RockSarah on beachmussels on Haystack Rockalgae wall and starfishpurple starfish at Haystack Rockmoss covered forestsaplingmoss covered rootsSarah profile viewforest bed of mossgreen mossy tree rootstall trees in Oregonmossy building Oregon