This past weekend I happened to have off work. My mom was planning on going up to visit my sister & her family, so since where we live is conveniently on the way, I tagged along. Kelly had been hoping for some updated photos of the kids, so I spent a bit of time hanging out with my camera. It’s fun to see how different ages and personalities react to the camera. Mackenzie seems to love her photo taken, so she always has this cheesy smile ready when I point it at her. One morning to get her to relax and not pose for me I had her play a few games, and repeat silly words after me while I shot a few frames. Landon and Nolan are also old enough to know they’re normally supposed to smile for the camera as well, so if they happened to look up and see me pointing at them, they’d either put on their fake smile, do some crazy face, or look away as quick as possible. My best luck with them was asking them to look really serious for the camera, and then either reaching out to tickle them or making crazy sounds. Honestly I was quite impressed a few times with Landon’s ability to hold a straight face. Hailey, the youngest, is the easiest age to capture in my opinion. She wanders around after her siblings for the most part, declaring a few words here and there and is totally fine with me getting in her face with the camera, for the most part anyhow. I love taking photos of larger families, it’s fun to see the siblings interact with each other, and the camera as well. We had a pretty fun time.