There are quite a few perks for working at a really sweet coffee shop owned by two really sweet people. One of which being the parties. There’s normally a few parties per year, sometimes for specific reasons, sometimes just because. Thanksgiving morning wasn’t exactly a party, but it was a little get-together for some pre-turkey snacking at the shop. There were numerous spreads (grapefruit, hard apple cider, kumquat, and peach to name a few) to go on the biscuits, tasty coffee drinks, a few different salads, and mimosas. I think we all felt a bit bad for the few customers who wandered in hoping to buy some coffee before heading to their own festivities, but most of them quickly figured out the shop wasn’t actually open. Normally Thanksgiving morning for Eric & I is a bit of a blur & frantic, trying to help my Dad out with finishing the different dishes, making sure the turkey(s) will be done in time, and trying our hardest to sneak in little naps here and there. This year we didn’t head home, and it almost didn’t feel like Thanksgiving without those typical food-preparing routines we’re so used to. It was a new (to us) way to start out such a big day, and we really enjoyed it. What sorts of turkey-day routines are you used to?