Spransys grilling outside house

In Oconomowoc, WI there is a massive red house affectionately referred to as the Magic Mansion. So many interesting and talented people have been through this house that you can almost feel it when you walk in the door. It’s not unlike the feeling that you get when you discover something from your past long forgotten, or catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in years. This can be credited mainly to the owners of the Magic Mansion. Have you ever met people that you feel like you’ve known forever, even though you’ve just met? Our first experience with Matt and Siv Spransy were just like that. They are just good people, the kind that treat you like you’re family. So when they asked us to be a part of their massive reunion, the Spransy Extravaganzy as they called it, we were delighted. An incredible amount of family, bustling through an enormous house, is something to behold. Many of them had never met. Having made their treks from all across the country, the family had some amazing stories to tell, and to show. Artwork from all across the board was brought, hung, placed, put wherever there was room, creating an impromptu art gallery. A collective work as diverse as the family that created it. Thanks for letting us capture part of your fantastic weekend guys, it was quite an experience.

greetings outsideHanging out on the back porch.Kitty named Tintin sitting inside. Painting of man above shelfSpransy artworkSpransy reunion chandelier Spransy portrait room collageWarm embracelooking onto porch worried pooch Lovely Ember A woman kisses a little boy, and a baby girl looks at the cameraLittle girl playing with a beach ball Meeting through the windowempty back porch Dad throwing son in the airshelf in bedroom long face little girlLittle girl rolling around at reunion Little onesGrilling outI am a Spransy fan fan.Mom & daughter eating outsideboys sitting on front stepMatt Spransy's Mansion in Oconomowoc, WIMom playing with son at family reunion Ester talking to Max Spransy's by red houseportrait and candidtents set up for Spransy family reunion 1976 flag and dog with girlConversation candid.Black and white of little girl playing with bubbles.Namibia daughter meeting family on iphone. Emma talking to sister in NamibiaLinea and Dorian in kitchenLinea Spransy artwork
kids playing in tv room Ester covering eyes at family reunionOutdoor candidsGroup shot outside