Installment number 2 of our trip to California is here! These photos are from the portion of our trip that took place in Santa Cruz, California. We travelled here after camping in Big Sur, on our way up the coast to SF. Unfortunately, we only stayed one night in this beautiful city, but the little time we had was well spent. On our way in on Saturday morning we made sure to check out the farmer’s market, which seemed to have everything we have in Wisconsin during a whole growing season and more, just this one day. Eric and I had never had fresh figs, nor do we get super fresh oysters, so we were quite excited to be able to pick up some local foods we miss out on living in such a cold state. Once we got into town, we borrowed sweet vintage bikes from our wonderful Airbnb hosts, which let us ride along the trail next to the water that led from their place to downtown. We explored downtown, and afterwards took a stroll down the beach boardwalk & municipal boardwalk, before riding back while the sun was setting, making stops here and there to watch the surfers catch some waves. Santa Cruz is a place we’d love to go back to- it’s surrounded by beauty and has so much to do, we wished there was more time for us to do more exploring.