Lately I’ve been feeling like my camera has been neglected. I’ve taken it out on trips, and once in a while besides that but there’s been stretches of days where I don’t even touch it, and I’m not too big of a fan of that. I quit my 365 project this year back in August, after missing 3 days within 2 weeks. I realized I wasn’t taking photos because I wanted to, I was just forcing myself to take something, purely just to snap a shot. Now, there were times like that in last year’s 365 project where I’d feel like that but then get over it, but this year it kept happening to me and I didn’t seem to be moving past it. Projects are great though. Photography projects can push you outside your comfort zone and get you to notice things that you’d normally look past, or document moments that you’d eventually otherwise forget. That’s something I do miss about sticking with the photo-a-day. So, I decided I’m going to challenge myself to new projects every so often, the first one being 7 photos a day, for 7 days. I started last Sunday and ended on Saturday. I was quite excited by the idea of this at the beginning of the week, but quickly remembered how absent-minded I can be. A couple of the days I’d remember in the morning, and then forget through most of the day so most of the photos are taken at night of things that were happening in our home. I guess I’m alright with that. It’s nice to document the insignificant things, even if it’s not the most brilliant light or setting ever. Next time I think I’ll try setting alarms on my phone to remind me. So, friends, do you have any photo challenges you really enjoy doing?
This week included friends, an awesome day trip to Chicago, a neat new coffeshop, homemade croissants, frittatas, jewelry modeling, light chasing, and adventures to new places. It was quite grand.