cappuccinos at Coava Lovely Ember

If you happen to keep up with us on instagram, you may know that we recently took a trip out to Portland, Oregon. Like most of our vacations, most of our days were centered around food and coffee. I had a list of which places we had to go to, what places sounded good, and a few others that if we happen to stumble across and we were hungry they would be good choices as well. There were no bad meals eaten, and all the coffee we had was excellent. I didn’t do the best job getting photos at every place we went- often times I just get too excited for the food and completely forget about pictures until it’s all gone. Oh well! Here’s a little peak at what we ate, with links to our favorite places.

Coava Coffee, PDX

These first photos are from Coava Coffee, where we had the pleasure of finally meeting up with a long time internet friends Jade and Cory. It’s so exciting to meet people you meet online in real life, Eric and I had such a great time getting coffee and ice cream with these two lovelies. Hopefully we convinced them that their next trip should be to Wisconsin for a visit.

Coava coffee & croissant, Lovely Ember PhotographyCoava with Jade Sheldon, Lovely Ember Photography Eric and Cory Lovely Ember

Like I said, we had no bad coffee and were quite excited about each place we went.

Ace Hotel coffeePhoto booth at Ace Hotel PDX, Mug at Heart Coffee, PDX Lovely EmberHeart, PDX Lovely EmberStumptown, PDXlatte art Stumptown coffee pdx Lovely Emberlatte art Lovely Ember Photography

We noticed Olympic Provision’s meat at a few grocery stores and decided we should check their space out. It didn’t take us long after entering their doors to recognize the space from the hilarious “Heart of the 1890’s” skit from the second season of Portlandia. Their sandwiches were consumed too quickly to be photographed.

Olympic provisions door Lovely EmberPortlandia, Olympic Provisions, PDX

Eric had his hopes set on eating as much dungeness crab as we could, so two different nights we went to seafood markets and brought them home. The boys did all the work killing & cooking them, but we all certainly enjoyed it.

Dungeness crab Lovely EmberDungeness crab in sinkDungeness crab face Lovely Embercooking Dungeness crabcooked Dungeness crab

Everything else we ate was great as well. Food trucks are everywhere and we loved looking at all of them even if we were too full to eat more.

brunch at Gravy, PDX, Lovely Emberburger from food cart Lovely Ember Photography

My favorite spot we stopped was Cocao- drink chocolate. We got a flight of the three different drinking chocoaltes they have and I swear I will dream of them for years.

Flight of drinking chocolates- Cocoa PDXDrinking chocolates PDX, Lovely Ember Photography

The only other place I managed to miss photos from that makes me super sad is both Ken’s Artisan pizza and bakery. The pizza we had was unreal, and our trip wouldn’t have been complete in my book without an amazing croissant. Eating wasn’t the only thing we did on this trip, although it was pretty high up there. We took a day trip to the beautiful coast and had such fun roaming the beautiful neighborhoods in Portland. We’ll share those photos with you soon, promise.