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When Megan contacted me to say she was interested in an at home family session, I was so excited. We’d been following each others work for quite a while, but somehow still had never managed to meet in real life. This family had me smiling ear to ear pretty much the entire time I was there. Dylan is easily one of the funniest kids I’ve ever been around, plus seeing Justin and Megan’s reaction to some of the things that Dylan says was just priceless. It was a pretty typical Wednesday night, and I was so happy to be able to capture that for this family. Eating outside, rough housing with Dad, playing baseball and running around enjoying the long summer days; in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better that.
Thanks guys, for letting me into your home. I hope these photos help you to never forget this stage in yours lives; it’s beautiful.

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Thanks to Wisconsin’s cooler temperatures these last couple days, my mind has turned to changing leaves, apple pies, and wearing more than one layer. Whilst thinking about these things, I realized that last year we never got a chance to share any photos from Ethan & Amanda’s wedding day. Eric and I left on our big adventure to Japan and New Zealand just over a week after photographing it, and we haven’t really had time to look at many of our photos from last year since. However, my craving for fall overcame my priority list today, and I just had to share a few photos from their wedding day.

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When Amanda first messaged us, this is what she said in the “tell us about yourselves” section- “We love our local coffee every morning. Freshly ground and french pressed. To give you a sense of our relationship, Tommy proposed to me with a Milwaukee wide scavenger hunt, ending at our favorite concert hall! (I honestly had no ides and just thought we were going to dinner) We love music, especially if it’s live. We have matching tattoos around our wrists. I designed them using our initials. We each have one with just our own initials, then once we got engaged I took Tom on a scavenger hunt ending at the tattoo parlor to get the one we always promised each other we would get, combining both of our initials =).”
So, obviously Eric and I instantly wanted to meet this couple. They sounded awesome! Then, Amanda went on to describe what they hoped their wedding would look like. It was going to be up north in Wisconsin, at a camp where they love to get away to with friends for a weekend. An outdoor ceremony over looking the little lake, with a reception that would be next to a small vineyard, surrounded by tall pines and a few acres of fields and trails. PLUS, a they hired a local band, (I’m not a Pilot) to play for a bit at the reception and for their first dance, and Tom has a tattoo from the lyrics of one of their songs on his arm. It sounded like it was going to be a fantastic day.
Wedding at Camp Lakotah  Amanda & Thomas   Lovely Ember Photography
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Glen Park at home family session   Lovely Ember Photography

For most of the month of March, Eric and I got to house sit in San Francisco. It was pretty wonderful; getting a chance to live in such an awesome city for a short amount of time, but one of our favorite things about it was the location we were in. If you were heading to Glen Park, you’d take the Bart just one stop past the mission, and exit the station to find yourself in what seems like a cute little town of its own, called Glen Park. Lucky for us, this is where Emily, Mike, and Olive live, so I got to walk through their cute neighborhood on my way to their session. read more

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Erin and Evan’s wedding took place last year at the Bridle Barn and Gardens in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. It was another one of those beautiful summer days, with the clouds clearing up as soon as we needed them to, and the rain staying away until everyone was busy dancing in the barn.
These two came back to the states at the end of the summer to throw a party, see their friends and family, and get married after they both moved to Amsterdam earlier in the year. Everything went off without a hitch, and as far as we could tell- it was an absolute perfect day. Thank you two so much for letting us be a part of it!

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As you may know, last year when our wedding season ended, Eric and I went on an epic adventure for nearly 5 months. I haven’t shared many photos yet for a large variety of reasons, one of them being that we’re planning on starting a separate blog devoted just to travel so we can share more photos, tips, and break down how we made our trip work. However, things like that take time and I’ve been itching to share at least a handful of our NZ photos.
We were all over the country and were absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was, every single place we went. We were constantly wondering how the views we were seeing were even real, with that much beauty packed into just one place. They were real though, and there are people who live there and get to look at them every day. I hope they all know how lucky they are.

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What a year. If at the beginning of 2014 you told us how the year was going to end, I’m pretty certain neither Eric or I would believe you, even a little bit. There’s just no way we would have been able to foresee everything that happened this year which led us to ending the year in New Zealand, let alone all the things that happened in between.
While I’m not going to explain how the entire year went down for us, I will tell you this. 2014 was a great year of growth and new experiences for us, in so many ways. We shot more weddings in one year than we ever have so far. We attended an amazing conference at the beginning of the year that really helped us define some of the largest goals we implemented this year. We were able to network and make friends with so many amazing people within this industry. We were blessed with AMAZING couples and families this year, many of whom we were able to get to know quite a bit and now call our friends. We took a huge leap of faith and I quit my part time job at our favorite cafe in the world, and decided that once the wedding season ended this year, we were going to travel. We moved out of the house we were renting, put all of our things into safe keeping, and convinced some friends to become long term sitters for our kitties. We were able to spend 6 weeks in Japan, hanging out and living with my brother & my sister-in-law, and going on adventures with two friends who recently moved there as well. The year ended, as I mentioned, in New Zealand- a place both Eric and I have always dreamed of visiting, but never really thought would be possible.
I know online we tend to only talk about the good things, and we tend to make our lives look like this perfect place- and I want to make it clear that this year definitely wasn’t perfect. So many things in 2014 will determine how 2015 will go, and taking time and money to travel might end up causing us more stress than we would have had if we’d have just stayed home. Thankfully, I’m an optimist. When I look back on the year my mind tends to glaze over all the doubts and questions, the stress of trying to finish weddings before leaving the country, the drudgery of having to pack up and move our belongings, the strain of being away from comforts of home and having our own space. I’m able to look back and see all of the good and excitement that happened this year, and to see how blessed we were by our friends, family, and clients.
So, this blog post is a bit on the long side. (that might be an understatement) It’s a bit tough for us to try and separate our personal work from professional work, and especially since we became friends with so many people we worked with, and were able to travel because of them- they’re all here together. All of the biggest highlights, favorite moments, and favorite images we created.

2014 was pretty much amazing, and we are so curious and excited to see where 2015 will take us. Thanks to all of you who we’ve spent any amount of time with in the past year, our year couldn’t have been as great without you.