Friends, we have new posters on the wall, a new headboard, and a new kitty. Kind of silly things to have a post revolve around, but I think you’ll agree, they’re all pretty great. The posters we found at an estate sale, they’re vintage Smokey The Bear DNR posters! One has different trees, one wildflowers, and the other mushrooms, and they’re all reasons why YOU should prevent forest fires.

The new headboard is exciting because it’s a project my Dad & Eric worked on. One of the last standing barns on my Great Grandparent’s old farm came down a couple years ago, and my Dad saved a bunch of the boards from it. I had been trying to think of neat ways to use them, when I came across this project on Design*Sponge. I forwarded it to my parents, hinting that if Dad has some extra time, a headboard would be a wonderful gift. So, he sanded, whitewashed & cut the boards, brought them to our house, and Eric built it. I love having something from the old farm, especially since almost all of it has been torn down and there’s a 10,000 square foot house going up where the hay field was. Crazy I say.

And yes, as I mentioned, we got another kitty. His name is Basil, as in a British man’s name, or as in rhymes with dazzle. We made the mistake of making a stop at the humane society because we happened to be on that side of town, and since we had been talking about the idea of getting Pica a friend, it didn’t take much to convince us to go back for him a few days later. He’s a lap cat, a sweetheart, and horrified of the camera for some reason, but at least I snagged one shot before he hid from it.