Friends, first off, we would like to apologize for the radio silence on our end. We haven’t updated our website, Facebook, or instagram in ages, and it’s been taking us far too long to respond to emails. We’re sorry. But guess what? We have a pretty great excuse for it all. Back in September, we became parents and welcomed our little girl, Elsie Violet, into this world.


Parenthood has been a whirlwind, and we’re still trying to wrap our minds around it. Elsie is the sweetest baby, and every day Eric & I look at each other in amazement over the fact that she is ours. The fact that my body carried her for 9 months, that she is really, truly here, and we’re completely responsible for her every need is just amazing. We love it. It can be tough, for sure, but we really do love it.

Since we’re a bit overdue on announcing our pregnancy, her birth, and anything else that has happened in our lives in the past 11 months, here’s a random assortment of some of our favorite photos of what Elsie’s journey looked like so far this year.
Joe Haeberle Photography

A few fun facts about Elsie:
– Eric and I had a short list of girl & boy names that we liked and had talked about before our 20 week ultrasound. When we found out she was a girl, Eric & I both thought “Elsie” in our heads. Afterwards in the car we shared our thoughts with each other and were happy and amazed it was that easy to settle on a first name.
– I was actually in labor all day on labor day. When contractions started that morning I was calling Elsie cheeky for picking that day (4 days before her “due date”) to start the laboring process.
– Elsie had/has no trouble packing on the pounds. By the 6 week mark, our midwife was quite impressed by the amount Elsie had gained- more than double what the expected ounces for that amount of time was.
– She loves music. Particularly she loves being sung to. Julie Andrews is her jam, but she’s happy with most anything if you’re singing to her.
-She almost always wakes up with a smile on her face. In the morning, from a nap- her eyes open and she is smiling.
– She has a musical stuffed animal cat (Le Chat) her Great Aunt & Great Grandma gave her. It was the first official gift she was given, and she loves it! She especially likes to try to chew on Le Chat’s head.
-She’s a big fan of tummy time, and has been from the get go. She’s been able to hold her head up, and prop herself up on her elbows to look around for over a month now, and wiggles around like she’s trying to figure out how to crawl already.
-She seems to like social gatherings- at least at this age. She’s been quite happy to be the center of attention at family gatherings, and soaks up all the attention her cousins give her anytime they see her.
Every single day she’s changing, and it’s amazing to see her become more and more aware of the world around her. We are so grateful to our amazing friends, family, and midwife for helping bring Elsie into this world and for surround her with such a fierce love.