These two were so much fun to hang out with for the evening. They were full of giggles and playful banter, and we loved getting to meet their adorable boxer, Gia. Nick and Tina’s wedding reception is happening at their house, so it was a treat to be able to see and hear how they envisioned everything looking. Their wedding day is going to be great, we’re so looking forward to being a part of it.

Nick looking at Tina
Tina looking at Nick
Couple laughing in backyardboxer trying to peek his head between coupleFamily session with boxer
Tina and Nick playing with Gia
Engagement ring
Tina & NickCouple holding handsTina & NickTina & NickGia playing with Nick and TinaBoxer running with ballTina & NickTina & Nickwoodpilethe lake in DelevanCouple kissing in front of the lakeDelevan, Wisconsin engagement sessionCouple on pier
Tina & Nick
Tina & Nick
Tina & Nickgeese crossing the lakecouple in front of tall grassesb&w Tina and nicksun shining through the treesTina & Nick laughing with flowersNick looking at TinaechinaceaTina resting her head on Nick's shoulderIMG_0495candidIMG_0511IMG_0524IMG_0551watertower in Delevan