As you may know, last year when our wedding season ended, Eric and I went on an epic adventure for nearly 5 months. I haven’t shared many photos yet for a large variety of reasons, one of them being that we’re planning on starting a separate blog devoted just to travel so we can share more photos, tips, and break down how we made our trip work. However, things like that take time and I’ve been itching to share at least a handful of our NZ photos.
We were all over the country and were absolutely blown away by how beautiful it was, every single place we went. We were constantly wondering how the views we were seeing were even real, with that much beauty packed into just one place. They were real though, and there are people who live there and get to look at them every day. I hope they all know how lucky they are.

Driving on the Coromandel penninsula
Backyards in New Zealand
Road side waterfall in NZ
Pohutukawa tree in New Zealand
Cliffs on North Island NZ
foxglove flowers
dramatic light
Ferry ride from Wellington
Wellington beach
Walking in Kaikoura
Concert in the gardens Wellington
Old outhouse in the forest
Colonial Cottage, Pohatu Penguins
Sarah climbing the fence
Observatory at Lake Tekapo
Hills of tussock
Cromwell, NZ
Driving to Wellington
house in Queenstown
DOC site, Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds
Driving in New Zealand
New Zealand boat
High sun in NZ landscape
Cows standing in golden light- Lovely Ember Photography
Skipping rocks on a foggy lake
Picton to Wellington ferry ride