So, most of you know by now that Eric and I love a good breakfast or brunch. It’s our favorite meal of the day, and if we have a free morning, we’ll go for the whole she-bang- some sort of baked goodness, always eggs in some way shape or form, often a meat (bacon is our favorite), sometimes a potato of sorts, and normally coffee or tea to drink with it all. If we’re really feeling fancy we’ll splurge for the oj as well, or maybe run to the local bakery for a baguette or croissant. We love food. We love mornings (well, once we’re out of bed anyhow), we (well especially me) LOVE the light in our kitchen in the a.m. hours, and it’s such a great way to begin the day. The kitchen is our favorite spot in our little place, and cooking breakfast seems like such a nice way to ease into the day. I know some of you may think that’s crazy, but it’s kind of become our thing. Anyhow, we had this fillo dough we were going to use for baklava hanging out in our freezer that had fallen to the floor a few too many times to be used for our original purpose. So, I put it in the fridge to thaw and asked Eric to figure out a way to use it. Eric rose to the challenge and made two different kinds of galette/pot pie/croissant things. I don’t know what to call them, but I will say they were delicious.


In case you weren’t already drooling enough, let me also quick tell you what he put in them. The open faced one had sweet potato, onion, bacon, eggs, pleasant ridge reserve (the best gruyere ever!), and rosemary on it. The closed one was feta, scrambled eggs, thyme, and spinach. Yeah, they were all kinds of wonderful.