Alright folks. I need to explain to you why on this blog you may more often than not find posts that may not flow, or all belong to the same day, or week for that matter. Heck, there may be photos from all different months in one post. It’s because I’m awful at organizing my photos. Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who edits and deletes photos within a day or two of them entering my computer, however I don’t normally come even close to that. I have folders that are titled by the month. I dump photos I take into those folders. The end. I’ll occasionally scroll through the month and see if there are a bunch to edit or get rid of, but aside from editing my photo for my 365, often times that’s it. That being said, it’s kind of exciting sometimes. Right now the weather is kind of crummy, we don’t have any pretty snow, the temperature is hovering around freezing, and most of the days lately have been cloudy. This is the time that it’s fun to dig through old folders, looking back on October when it was wonderful to go for a walk in the park or wander the farmers market in search for an apple cider doughnut. So, today that’s what I did. I found a handful of photos I mostly forgot about, and am exited to clump them together with a title of “Moments of October” and that be that.