This past weekend Eric & I took a little trip to visit my parents. While we were there, we all decided a trip to Milwaukee would be a pleasant thing to do, despite how cold it was outside. We went to our favorite Indian buffet for lunch, and afterwards decided the hot & humid air of the domes would be the perfect thing for us all. The domes are three different horticultural conservatories. One of them is a tropical dome, one is a desert, and the other one rotates- this time being a flower & train dome- didn’t spend much time there. The plants in the tropical dome are all deep green and lush, when you walk in the humidity hits you and with this time of the year in Wisconsin it feels amazing. The desert dome was my favorite, with all the neat spiky plants and washed out colors. Since our winters are so cold here we don’t get much of any of the plants that grow in either of the domes, outdoors anyway. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the plants being things you have right in your backyard?

Also, just to remind you all, our giveaway is still open! Head over here to enter to win an 8×10 print from our shop. We’re excited to find out who wins- tomorrow morning at 9am I’ll let everyone know.