My oh my, these two. What a fantastic pair of people.
Ashley and Matt contacted us a few months back, wondering if we had any interest shooting their wedding that will be taking place this summer, in the Redwoods of California. From that first email, our excitement has only grown, not only for being privileged enough to be a part of their wedding day, but for the opportunity we’ve been given to get to know the two of them, little by little over emails, and then finally in person.
A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to fly out to San Francisco and shoot Matt and Ashley’s engagement session. Ashley and I talked quite a bit about what she was hoping the session would look like, and I could not have been more happy when she came back with the idea of taking me to a bunch of the places they like to take friends who are visiting from out of town. We decided a more fitting term would be an adventure engagement session; an afternoon hanging out, touring their apartment, meeting their kitty Mora, driving up beautiful route 1, eating oysters at Point Reyes, visiting Nick’s Cove, and taking photos all the while. It sounded like a dream, and truly, it was.
There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful these two are, or how great of an afternoon I had with them.
Thank you, Matt and Ashley. Eric and I could not be more excited for your wedding this June. (and Eric is quite excited to get to meet you both in person!)

IMG_9872Fat black cat sitting on table
Lovely ember lifestyle engagement photos
Ashley holding her cat
San Francisco lifestyle engagement photos at home
Profile of Ashley in her home
Matt making coffee
Espresso made at homeWindow of flowers San FranciscoKitchen shelves in San Francisco apartmentMatt and Ashley looking through their recordSan Francisco lifestyle engagement sessionCouple looking at records San FranciscoRecord nook at Matt and Ashley's place
Matt and Ashley San Francisco engagement session at home b&w
Matt and Ashley San Francisco engagement session at home
Matt and Ashley playing with their catClose up Matt Ashley lifestyle engagement session
California bouquet of flowers
Cat chasing a lazer pointer
MoraPortrait of matt
Matt and Ashley San Francisco engagement session
Driving on the Golden Gate BridgeDriving to point reyesHog island oystersShucking oystersHog island oysters with lemonOyster shack on Reyes pointProfile of ashley
Ashley and Matt adventure engagement session
Hog island oyster adventure session
Matt and Ashley with flowers hog islandMatt and Ashley canoodleMatt and Ashley spannelliEngagement session at hog island
California engagement photos
Engagement pictures at point Reyes
Lovely ember portrait
Tilt shift 1
IMG_0254Tilt shifted portrait
Matt and Ashley touching noses
Matt and Ashley canoodling
Old building at Reyes pintNick's coveLovely ember photography nick's coveGirl carrying oysters out to end of pier at nick's coveBarbecue oysters and beer at nick's coveCouple on the pier at nick's cove californiaBarbecue oysters point Reyes CaliforniaBlack and white of Matt and Ashley laughingAshley laughing lovely ember lifestyle engagement sessionMatt laughing lovely ember lifestyle engagement sessionMatt and Ashley on pier at point Reyes adventure engagement session