Last week I took a little vacation out to see my dear friend Stacy in Vegas. I have only been there once, and that’s when I helped Stace move there- I swore I’d never go back. She moved in August of 2009, the temperature while I was there was a “low” 110 degrees, and there was nothing I liked about the city. We mainly sat in the air conditioning and only ventured out to see some of the touristy areas like this-

This time was different. Not only was the temperature gorgeous (50’s & 60’s!), but Stacy has now lived there long enough to know some of the spots to take me. I assumed I’d come back with hundreds of photos, but I guess my measly batch of less than 100 shows how much fun we were having, and how many photos I didn’t bother taking. We spent time chatting & catching up, going through old photos & yearbooks, jamming in the car & shamelessly singing “our songs” (Stacy & I met freshman year of high school in choir, of course we have songs– cue Mr. Roboto or Toxic), dancing, doing karaoke, hiking, and plenty of laughing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the mountains are within view from most places in Vegas.
Also, that Rainbow Bright sweatshirt is throwback to a purchase I made during a Mall of America field trip we went on our sophomore year of high school.

That’s just a glimpse into Stacy’s clothing & jewelry collection. I won’t even tell you about the amount of clothing we started sharing in high school, and still swap back & forth with. It’s a bit ridiculous. (I almost had to ship a box home)

We also decided to start the tradition of using an entire disposable camera (yep- those are still around) each time we get together from now on. We’ll see how this goes- this trip’s disposable photos were pretty fun, I scanned in the negatives to share a few.