Eric finally broke down and replaced his old phone. The screen had been cracked for ages, and it got to the point where he had to forward texts to my phone, just to see what they said. He decided to get an iphone, as we seem to be the only creative people around without some sort of smart phone between us. Since the purchase, I’ve gotten a little more lazy about bring my camera along places. I go to grab it, and then remember that Eric has a perfectly decent, way lighter, and more convenient camera he’s already bringing with us anyhow, so why not take advantage of it. So, this month as we’ve been floating from family get-togethers, to sessions, to work at the coffee shop, and trying to do fun summertime stuff in between, this has become our go-to camera. Okay, not for sessions, but for most everything else. So, here’s a little glimpse at what this month has held for us so far, in not such high quality definition, but some fun photos none-the-less.