Seeing as how lately much of what we’ve been posting is more business and less personal, I thought I’d give everyone who is wondering what we’ve been up to lately a little update. So far, this year has been fantastic, and we both agree it’s only getting better (albeit quite a bit more busy!). We shot our first wedding of the year a couple weeks ago, which we had the opportunity to fly out to San Francisco to shoot. It was beautiful, and we are so excited for every single wedding we have this year, which is a huge blessing.

These are some photos we’ve taken on Eric’s iPhone (yes, Eric’s phone, seeing as I still have an *awesome* flip phone) over the past few months. It’s such a fun device to use and I find myself capturing things that I don’t always look at in the same way if I’m carrying around a dslr. We’ve gotten a chance to spend our slower season working on Drift Journal, spending time with friends and family, meeting new people, and of course, eating great food.

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