Hi everyone, Eric here. I’f you’ve been reading our blog for a while then chances are you’ve seen a good bit of my work. Sarah and I figured it was high time that I actually start posting myself, a task that she excels at. When I pine over what to say and the order of photos, she can whip up a post at the same time she’s throwing cookies in the oven, basically, she’s way better at this than I am. But, for my first actual post I figured I would choose a subject near and dear to my heart, and the hearts of any warm-blooded Wisconsinite. Beer.
For all you home-brewers out there, if any glaring details seem to have gone undocumented, those were probably times I set the camera down to help out.

The first step of quality home-brewing: Have a friend who is really good at it. I’ve had the privilege of  trying many beers brewed by this guy, but this might be the one I’m looking forward to most. It’s an espresso stout, which is a wonderful amalgamation of two of my favorite things. As far as the recipe, I won’t go into nerdy details, but you can read a general overview of the beer making process here.