At home family session Viroqua Wisconsin by Lovely Ember Photography

Oh, how we love this family. The Silers are the sort who welcome you into their home and you feel as if you’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like. I think at least half of our visits to their home in Viroqua ended up with us staying at least one extra night, as the late-night conversations and delicious food and beverages were just too good to say goodbye to. Last summer we took a trip to their home to spend the night and do a family session for them in the morning. There’s never a dull moment in their home and getting the chance to capture just a tiny peek into what their lives at that point in time felt like such an honor. Kelly told me after looking at the photos it was like “watching a wild animal show”, but what I see is a home that is filled with joy and love, with parents that allow their children to be creative and have fun in their home. We always look forward to the next time we get the chance to visit these friends.

At home with the Siler Family Lovely Ember Photography
Mother and son in kitchen. At home session Lovely Ember Photography
Early morning family session
Latte pouring
Latte pouring
Latte art
Lovely Ember Photography at home session
At home family session Lovely Ember Photography
Siblings playing in the yard, at home family session Lovely Ember Photography
At home with the Silers Lovely Ember Photography
Siler Family session, Lovely Ember Photography