Lately, we’ve been a bit busy. It seems like summer is just that way, going going going, all the time. I thought our lives might start slowing down a bit as the summer is coming to a close, but so far, it doesn’t look like it. Family visiting & weddings galore (yep- we’re at the age where it seems ALL our friends are getting married) are keeping us on the go. The fact that our weekends and days have been so busy makes me really appreciate the photos I take. I’m terrible with going through photos immediately, and they often get clumped into folders marked by the month, to be forgotten until I find a bit of time to go through them. Often times it can be quite annoying, since they take up so much space and have little to no organization other than by month. Sometimes though, it’s like stumbling upon little memories of delight. Like these photos. They’re not from that long ago, I think 3 weeks or so, but I had practically forgotten about that warm night with friends, spent cooking, grilling, eating, followed by playing telephone pictionary.




Those are my favorite kinds of nights- I’ve said that many times before, but it’s just true. Laid back dinners, followed by simply hanging out. Nothing fancy, but always delightful.