I can finally say it’s starting to feel like we’re settled in to our new place. Things still need to be organized, the living room still needs to be painted, but all in all things are started to look and feel more homey.
I’ve been enjoying watching how the light moves in this home, much different from our last place but lovely nonetheless. We’ve been cooking for ourselves again (during the move & painting there was mostly take-out or salads) and figuring out the best place to keep things in the kitchen. Recently we did go out to dinner and tried a dish we had only heard of, called bibimbap. It’s apparently a signature Korean dish, made of rice, veggies, meat and chili paste, topped with a fried egg (well- that’s what our version was). When we left the restaurant Eric was certain we could create it at home for much less, so we (okay- he) did, and we’ve eaten it several times since. In my opinion, any dish with a fried egg on top is a win in my book. It’s currently our favorite thing to eat.

Also, I tried out this fantastic ice cream recipe, thanks to this lovely lady always talking about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. However, we ate it too quickly and I didn’t take any photos of it, ha.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and thanks to all of you for the kind comments recently on the move, wedding, and anniversary!