Trees in Fish Creek Door County

For Eric and my four year anniversary, we took a few days and went up to my family’s cottage in Door County, Wisconsin. The place is basically an oasis. It’s north of most of the towns in Door, past all the hustle and bustle, and surrounded by beautiful woods. Neither of us spent a whole lot of time taking photos, as the mosquitoes kept us from taking any of our usual hikes at Newport State Park, but I did have the camera out for just one late afternoon that we spent poking around the nearby woods. This place holds such a dear spot in our hearts, it was such a relaxing and perfect spot to reflect and think about what being married for four years has been like for us.

Portrait in Fish Creek Door Countygreen leavesReflection in the woodsOur cottage in Door County WisconsinInstagram from Door Countyiphone photo of smoked fishsmoked fishStanding on moss in Sister BayFernsEric foraging in the woodsteepee Door County Wisconsincrazy plantAnniversary photoFunny portrait Sarahsilly ussunshine through the treesSister Bay Door Countylow light silhouetteIMG_5056IMG_5057IMG_5060IMG_5063IMG_5074

(awesome, that’s what four years has been if you were wondering)