This morning we watched the light creep into our kitchen while we started making figgy cardamom bread. Okay, it was probably me, not Eric that watched the light creep in, but either way we both got up early to enjoy some tea and start this bread to go with brunch we were having with friends.

I found the recipe for this bread we made on this lovely website, and her photos quickly convinced me we needed to bake that loaf of bread as well. The recipe is found on William Sonoma’s website, and I followed it pretty much to a T. I love how not too sweet this bread is, and my gosh does the dough alone smell good. I didn’t realize how much I adore the smell of cardamom until today, I’m now seriously trying to think of a way to wear it as a perfume. Anyhow, the recipe works well as is- we didn’t do any sugar on top, just the egg wash. One thing I will say though if you make this bread is to make sure it’s eaten right out of the oven. Out of the oven it is wonderful. I had a few more chunks a couple hours after, and then tonight, and you should know it dries out quite quickly- even when kept in a container. I think if I made it again I would just up the butter to a whole stick, even if I wasn’t going to try and save it for later- I don’t think it’d hurt anything. I plan on making the somewhat dry leftover bread into french toast for the morning. No way to go wrong there.