Wednesdays have lately become a bit of a baking day for us. As I mentioned on facebook not long ago, we got the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook from the library and have been doing our best to use it as often as possible before we have to return it. The last recipe we decided on is this beautiful challah. I was worried at first when ours tore a bit which made the fig paste ooze out, but our friends that were over (whom are both much more competent at cooking & baking) assured me that it’d only add to the beauty of the challah, and the figs would caramelize a bit and be awesome. They were thankfully right.
I’m not the neatest baker, but I do love it. Even when things don’t go perfectly. Recipe found here.

rolling pin and dough- Lovely Emberfig paste on challah dough, Lovely Emberclose up of fig paste on challah dough- Lovely EmberSarah rolling the challah dough- Lovely EmberEric spreading fig paste on challah dough- Lovely EmberDiptych rolling challah dough Kitty peeks around the table, Lovely Emberdiptych rolling challah dough on vintage tableStina assembling challah, Lovely Emberchallah being formed- Lovely EmberChallah on vintage tableA mug steaming- Lovely Ember
Close up of challah fresh out of the oven Lovely Ember