On Sunday we took an impromptu trip with some friends up to Devil’s Lake State Park. The drive from Madison is just under an hour away, and when we left it was gorgeous and sunny, but about half way there it was quite obvious our hike was going to be a bit wet. Luckily the trees blocked much of the rain, and it was a great time none-the-less. We all enjoyed Eric sharing his knowledge of plant identification as we hiked, and he was happy to have brought his favorite identification guide to look up some of the plants he didn’t recognize. Since it was rainy, the camera only came out when we reached the top of the trail and got the beautiful view of Devil’s Doorway with the lake and forest down below.

steps down to Devil's Doorwaybinoculars and raindevils lake state park wisconsinDevil's Doorway rock formation at Devil's Lake State Parkblack and white shot of Eric searching his Reader's Digest North American Wildlife guideEric looking up name of plant in foraging bookView of forest top at Devil's Lake State ParkView of Devil's Lake from up highwater droplets on pine needles at Devil's Lake State Park