Now that snow is covering everything it’s nice to look through some photos that we took during our unseasonably warm Autumn this year. What better way to spend a warm autumn weekend than take loads of photos and video with friends? (as in a somewhat obnoxious amount. . .) That’s just what we did when our friends Jason & Faryn came to town in late October. We made a point of turning the weekend into a photo & video extravaganza, and combining our skills to create something collectively. We were able to enjoy the warm weather which made for a perfect last-of-the-year outdoor farmer’s market, and we found a new spot to explore, Gibraltar Rock. Wisconsin seriously has some neat places, you just have to ask around to find out where to go. 
We passed the cameras around over the weekend between the four of us, taking turns with both photo and video. Jason put the footage together into a fun little video that’s at the end of this post. If you’d like to check out more of his work, (he’s a videographer), head over here. What sorts of neat places are near where you live?