In October Eric & I took the train to Chicago to cheer on our good friend Colin who was participating in his first full marathon. It was held on Sunday, October 7th and was quite exciting to watch. We go to Chicago every now and again, be it for musicals, coffee trips, or to visit friends. Being there for the marathon was a completely different experience. The trains were packed. The street was just full of people along the marathon route, and dead empty on the side streets. The marathon takes place right downtown Chicago, so tons and tons of the roads are blocked off around it. I was taken aback by how you’d leave one street, full of the noises of hundreds of feet hitting the pavement, people cheering, screaming, playing music, honking horns, ringing bells, etc, and turn a corner to see not a soul. It was kind of a crazy experience. Eric and I have so much respect for any runners, especially those who put their minds to running a marathon. Kudos to those of you who have ever done anything even close to this, and congrats again to our friend Colin for finishing, what an accomplishment.