Recently I was searching for some specific photos and realized how many photos we never got around to sharing from our travels to California earlier this year. We were lucky enough to make it out there a handful of times this year, mostly for work, but each time we made sure to hang out a day or two extra to enjoy wherever we were. The first trip out there was for a fantastic photography workshop in Santa Barbara: Photo Field Trip. After the conference was over we spent a day driving up the coast with some new friends from PFT, on our favorite road in the states, pulling over here and there to take in the gorgeous California coastline.

Lovely Ember in Big Sur, California

This time of year I always get the itch to take off to somewhere new, (okay, it’s possible that I always have that itch) but with weddings nearly every weekend we try and make the best out of any free time and enjoy Wisconsin summer. Going through our pictures since being married (aka, the one of the only ways I remember when things have happened in our lives) I’ve noticed that this is the time of year we typically make some sort of last minute travel plans and take a week to fly someplace new. This year, however, we’re waiting a little long until our wedding season is finished. Eric and I have decided we’re going to make the jump and really take off. We’re going to be leaving the country for a few months, and saying goodbye to hopefully the entirety of Wisconsin’s winter. Scroll through the rest of these photos to the end to find out where we’re headed!

Lovely Ember in Big Sur, CaliforniaEric examining plant life
Rock in the Pacific Ocean
Cliffs and fog
Big Sur coastline, California PhotographyFoggy rocksFoggy oceanred & greyTilt shift looking at the rocks
Marisa Albrecht in Big Sur
horses on a foggy meadow in Big SurIMG_0124winding road, Big Sur, Lovely Ember PhotographyPhotographers taking photosOrange Cat outside of cafeblack and white cat rolling in dirtlooking down the steps at NepenthePurple flowers with raindropsgreen and rain
Eric of Lovely Ember Photography with eyes closed
Sarah of Lovely Ember Photography with closed eyes
sharp plant leavesHenry Miller Library in Big Sur, Californiagreen leavesField Trip group of friends, Lovely Ember Photographydriving into the fogBig Sur scenery, Lovely Ember PhotographyKimono on the side of the roadKimono tilt shift Above the clouds
b&w silhouette of Eric in Big Sur, Lovely Ember Photography
foggy sunset on the oceansunset on the oceanthick blanket of fog, Big Sur California, Lovely Ember PhotographyBlanket of fog creeping up onto the land

Where have we decided to travel? We finally settled on Japan and New Zealand! The trip is still in the planning stages, despite the fact that our journey starts in about 7 weeks from now, but luckily we have a couple friends in both of those countries, so if nothing else we’ll be able to have them help us plan things once we arrive. Much of our free time has been involving trying to figure out what to pack, how to pack, where to go, what coffee shops we must visit, how to get around those countries, among many many other things that we have’t decided upon yet. We’ve never taken a trip like this, and really have no idea what we’re getting into, but that’s just half the fun.
So, with that being said, if you happen to have any experience in traveling or living in Japan or New Zealand and have tips for us, let us know! Or if you are or you know anyone in those countries, we’d love to make new friends and meet new people along the way!