In a stone cottage in the woods I sat on the floor beside the fire laughing so hard that I almost threw up. And I wasn’t the only one. We were all there playing a game and celebrating the 5th birthday of a coffee shop. See there is a tiny cafe in Madison, WI. It’s a glass house on a busy intersection. A place to sit and watch the cars rumble past and the people walk to and fro, commencing their daily routine. It’s cold outside, and everything is covered in snow. Sitting where I am as I type this I can usually see the lake, it’s waves crashing onto the shore. But it’s frozen now, just a giant expanse between us and the other side, occasionally dotted here or there with a fishing shanty. Not a place I’d like to be, but it’s nice to see it through the glass. I’m here at Bradbury’s often, whether I’m behind the counter or at the bar typing away on my laptop like I am now. It’s a place that Sarah and I (and everyone else who works here) love. This year the cafe turned five. So everyone made the trek out to the woods, to a little stone cottage where the owners live. Nestled in the snow during a freezing Wisconsin winter night, was a house crammed to the rafters with people, friends, employees, beer makers, coffee roasters, bakers, cooks, baristas, and some of the best tacos I think i’ve ever had. It was a party that the little cafe deserved. Happy birthday Bradbury’s.

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