The last of our photos from our trip to California are finally here. It was tough for me to sit down and edit these right away. As I’ve said previously, there’s no way we’re able to capture all the detail and beauty of a place like this in a photograph. Half of the magnificence of Big Sur is just as much in the other senses as well as sight. The salty ocean air that invades your nose, the sounds of the cars whizzing by and the ocean lapping the shoreline. The fog and humidity in some areas make the air thick, while just down the road the fog disappears and the air is clean and crisp. Eric and I have decided that Big Sur is the prettiest place on the Earth we have traveled thus far, we were constantly asking each other why we don’t live there, or at the very least why this was our first time visiting. Hopefully you too can feel the enormity & beauty of this place through the photos. (and if you like them enough, there are a few of these photos for sale in our print shop!)