It’s already half way through April and I haven’t sat down and gone through photos from this month until now. The warmer weather has been luring me away from the computer and outdoors, which is no complaint. Also, for those of you who haven’t heard, Eric and I are also moving into a bigger place in just over a month, so our time lately has been spent revolving around things to do with that as well. The home we’re moving into is currently owned by our friends, who are moving out to the country. So besides thinking about our own move, we’ve been over at their place helping out with painting, and figuring out what to get started in the garden.

The first couple days of April were spent visiting with my parents. We were sure to take a walk out in Dad’s garden before heading home. We left with a nice handful of asparagus and kale which was consumed quite quickly.

In our city it’s common practice to put unwanted items on the curbside. Normally within the day those items are picked up by someone who thinks they have use for them. One day on our way home something caught my eye as we drove past. I slowed to a stop and told Eric to jump out of the car to go look at it. (not a busy street friends, don’t worry). Turns out this thing was an old record player or radio of sorts, in what seemed like pretty bad shape. Eric enjoys trying to fix old radios however, so we figured we’d take it home and clean it up, just to see if it worked. After giving it a good wipe down, and vacuuming out the inside, we grabbed a Chicago LP and gave it a go. Much to our surprise, it worked. The thing is pretty huge, so we’re waiting until our new place to find a spot for it- but what a sweet score. (Even sweeter score? A vintage Eames chair. On the side of the road. For real. Scored that last month.)

Happy April to you friends, I hope you’ve been enjoying it as well.