It’s not really what most people think of as a cottage. Most people would imagine a little house, on the sea or lake somewhere. Perhaps brightly colored, or pastel with dainty white shutters. Our cottage doesn’t really fit that description. It’s in the woods, too far from the water to be seen. It was built in the early 70’s, so the decor is dark and full of greens & browns, not white and airy like the word cottage might conjure. Most of the time friends want to call it a cabin then, since it’s in the woods. But when I think of a cabin, I think of a log cabin out in the middle of nowhereville. Anyhow, our family has always called it the cottage, so that’s what it is. I’ve talked about this place before, in a previous post. We were there again recently, this time Eric & I took a trip up with my parents. It was a couple days mainly spent in front of the fireplace, since the temperature didn’t get much above 45, and it actually snowed one day. The cottage was cozy and we only went out to try fishing and get to get food a handful of times.
This place holds so many memories for me, but this is the first one I now have including snow.