Hi there, we're Sarah & Eric

or: this is the part where we tell you all about ourselves or whatever.

We're Sarah and Eric

This is step one. Long story short, we capture things honestly, and from the perspective of a friend. However, the only way we can do that is if we sit down and get to know each other. Are we a good fit? Awesome! Are we going to go out for drinks months after we shoot your event? Even better. It might sound a bit strange, but the better we know you, the better work we will do. Have questions about pricing investment? Let us lay it out for you.

We are both from the great state of Wisconsin, and you can bet your sweet bippy that we’re darn proud of it. Eric claims he was born straight into a snow bank. Of course that’s a lie, but don’t challenge him on it, he likes to think it’s the case. If Sarah had tattoos she would be covered with artwork of the upper midwest, old beer labels, wheels of cheese, and cats. And that's why she's not allowed to have any tattoos. We’ve been married since 2010 and we’re thankful for every moment of it.

We like things and stuff, including but in no way limited to:

  • hand crafted anything
  • local beer
  • food
  • spending time around a fire
  • undeserved redemption
  • telling stories
  • playing games
  • code
  • cows
  • making new friends, and cherishing the ones we already have
  • manhattans
  • our cats
  • oysters
  • love
  • howler monkeys
  • sloths
  • the first snow drops of the spring
  • prairie restoration
  • laughing till our sides hurt and we have to take a time out

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