It’s so fun to look through my entire 365 folder and go back to the memories that are held within that frame. I wasn’t sure about doing the project in January, just because of how much time it could consume, but now I’m thinking about how sad it would be next year to not have my year documented. I’m so looking forward to take this year’s photos, turn them into a book, and be able to look back on it alone or with friends and say “Oh yeah! Remember THIS day?”. Pretty sure I wouldn’t remember that day without a photo. I have a bad memory, especially when it comes to day to day things. Anyhow, here’s the next batch of photos that ended up in my favorites folder.

May 1st was the only movie night we had at the cafe this year, despite trying to figure out other times to do another. We hung a sheet so there was a place for the projection, we ordered pizza, and watched Stand By Me.

Thanks to this photo, we know that May 7th was the first time we had our now good friends Josh, Jill, Ruby & Dylan over to our house. Eric made awesome kababs, and it was one of the first lovely days of the year, weather-wise.

May 14th was the day Eric came home with a surprise for me. I seriously thought it was probably just ice cream or something, since in the summer that’s pretty much all I ever want to eat, and he had just gone on some errands. Boy was I surprised when I unwrapped the fabric to find my new camera. This is the first photo I took with it.

The weekend of May 21st, which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday, we visited my sister & family. I helped with the kiddos while my Dad & Eric helped put this garden in their backyard.

May 28th & 29th. Walking across the street to farmer’s market, we passed the horse pulling a carriage. I wasn’t going to take a photo (and stop in the middle of the crosswalk!) but Eric urged me to. I don’t remember much about that day except for it was gorgeous out, and every time I see this horse it makes me look forward to spring. The next day we grilled out at Eric’s brother’s home and ate delicious grilled peaches & pineapple.

June 2nd. The day Eric quit his job working for a company doing graphic design, and started doing freelance work. That night we went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate. It sadly was also the last time we were there before it burned down.

The 9th of June. We happened to get to J&J’s as they were about to go on a walk, so we joined. On the walk, Ruby dropped her strawberry shortcake doll from the bridge on accident, so they went down and waited for it to float closer to shore where Josh went in to rescue it.

June 12th + 15th. For our anniversary we took a trip to MN & stayed in a b&b. After that we met up with friends and went out to the Black Hills. Custer State Park was wonderful.

June 23rd Eric wanted to put up the tent, since he was going camping and hadn’t ever set it up before. I tried to convince him we should leave it for at least a day and sleep in it, in the kitchen, but he veto’d that idea.

July 3rd. During this photo I was trying my best to ignore the cloud of mosquitoes buzzing around. The boys were still fishing but Amanda and I ran back to the car to get away from being eaten alive. I ended up toughing it out to take more photos anyway.

July 4th. The boys finally caught some fish, so we breaded them & threw them on the skillet over the coals in the fire. It wasn’t much fish, but it was dang good.

July 5th we got back from our trip up north, and went down to Chicago with J&J for a couple days. Here we are at Publican, devouring mussels.

July 12th. Many summer days and nights were spent lounging on that hammock, on our awesome back porch, surrounded by beautiful green.

July 16th. The crazy firework show in Rewey, year number two.

July 18th. This is one of those photos that doesn’t remind me of anything that particular day, other than I was at work, but to me it is the perfect photo of summertime.

July 26th. We ate out on the porch so much in the summer, dragging our little table & chairs out with us. I’m already looking forward to it again.

August 2nd, during our agonizingly hot trip to Kansas City. It was more than 100 degrees the whole time we were there, but it was worth it to see our friends and hang out.

August 6th. We picnicked and Eric caught a duck.

August 15th. We took advantage of a cooler early morning and went for a walk at the nearby botanical gardens.

August 17th. They picked me up from work, we went and walked on this boardwalk at a park just outside town, and then had a picnic together. This is also the night I got them all to play telephone pictionary for the first time.

August 22nd we took a trip with J&J up to the cottage. Dylan needed to stop on the way, so we pulled over and I took advantage of the pretty setting sun.