This year I started my very first 365 project. I didn’t put any rules on it, just a photo a day, simple as that. Pretty much the whole year I struggled with whether I should be gearing the 365 more towards capturing what that day was like, or just a pretty photograph of whatever. In the end, I think I did a bit of both here and there, sometimes combining the two of them, sometimes neither. I knew when I started it’d be tough, but honestly after I got going, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I didn’t always have a ton of inspiration for a gorgeous shot, but I still took a photo despite feeling unenthused. (except for that one day I completely forgot. I have no explanation for that day aside from I worked in the afternoon, got home and did nothing, thought about getting up to take a photo at one point of the Christmas tree, was too lazy to get up at the moment, and then it left my mind until the next morning on the way to church) There were weeks sometimes during the year I’d go without what I felt like was a great photo, but now looking back, I couldn’t be more happy about how the year’s photos turned out. I’m sure I would have forgotten all about so many things that happened if it wasn’t for this project. And that’s really why I wanted to start it. Maybe if I decide to continue & do another one, I’ll try to focus more on me as a photographer, and do some things that push me outside my bounds, but either way, documenting my year in 365 photos is kind of awesome. I’m going to make them into a book. It’s going to be great. Anyhow, here are some of my favorites from the first part of the year. Many of them are favorites not even because of the photos, but because of what I feel or remember by looking at them.

January 25th. It was one of those times where while we were eating dinner, I knew I really should take a photos, but I was a little too timid to take the camera out in a busy restaurant, so I decided I’d snap a few shots while we walked out, and then take one outside. These people made my day, even though I was quite embarrassed that they had noticed me standing there taking the shot. I still don’t even know how they timed it so right, but it couldn’t have made for a better photo.

February sixteenth & nineteenth.

February 2nd.

March fifth.

March 14th & 26th.

March 24th. I swear I would forget this trip even happened if it weren’t for the photos. I took this photo in Nashville when a few friends from college & I took a little four day road trip down South, just for fun.

April 4th.

April 9th, from our trip to Kansas City, MO.

The 23rd of April.

April 29th, the day I took the long way home from visiting college friends, and jammed to Adele the whole way.